Zhang Ziyi recently took a photo with his children planting vegetables together


(Beijing 29) Zhang Ziyi recently served as a juror for the “XR Immersive Video Category” of the 75th Cannes Film Festival, but instead of flying to France, she was a remote juror and spent her free time with her children. Parent-childParent-child time. ParentingHands-on tending.

Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng have been married for 6 years and have welcomed a pair of children. She has always regarded the daughter born by Wang Feng and her old love as her own. The family of five lives a happy life and often posts many photos of family fun. She posted a photo of Cai Lei and wrote: “Children only have one childhood, unlike when we make movies, we can repeat them over and over again. In my daily life, I try to record every moment of the children’s growth and accompany them through time. Live every ordinary day. Record the child’s growth story with heart and make the child’s growth full of ritual.”

ChopstickChopstick legs. II wonder if it’s the husband’s view?

The scene is warm outside, her courtyard is also exposed, full of large and small potted plants, vegetables and fruits, seems to be good than the park. The biggest highlight is her face on the field, head carrying a white fisherman’s hat, wearing ultra-short hot pants, girl sense of chopstick legs and innocent face ushered in the netizens praise, message: “vegan beauty cried me”, “vegan state is also too good”, “like Zhang Ziyi end of the end of the end of the world. I like Zhang Ziyi’s dignified atmosphere”, “Mom is getting younger and prettier, be happy forever”, “How can you be so beautiful all the time”, “How can you be so beautiful all the time”. “How to do the vegan still so good-looking”, “as if to see the 18-year-old Ziyi”, “dare to show the vegan real beauty, warm parent-child time really love!”

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