Yu-Pin Lin and Chun-Yi Hsieh are Currently in a Stable Relationship


Yu-Pin Lin (林育品) in September, it was revealed that she was in love with Chun-Yi Hsieh (谢骏毅). Wuzun also generously recognized her love when interviewed. Today Yu-Pin Lin recorded Dongsen’s “National Star strategy” and said shyly with a smile that “he is my best male friend”. For her low-key, it has been regarded as the default of Chun-Yi Hsieh. Some netizens believe that the apparent difference between the two is a combination of beauty and beast. Yu-Pin Lin mocked herself “I think his woman’s appearance is about to be more beautiful than me.” the love is self-evident.

She asked her what she liked most about Chun-Yi Hsieh. She said, “he is very responsible and filial”. As for the two people who have met each other’s parents, Yu-Pin Lin said that their parents met backstage because they played a stage play together, but she didn’t specifically ask Chun-Yi Hsieh what his parents thought of her. She also said hello to Chun-Yi Hsieh’s mother every other time, the host Zeng Guocheng thinks that she is destined to be an elder, and the other parents will certainly like her.


For Chun-Yi Hsieh’s brave recognition of love, first she was shy and said, “why does he talk nonsense?” then she said, “he is my best boyfriend”, which made everyone present exclaim. Some netizens thought they were beauty and beast, but Yu-Pin Lin didn’t think so. “What I want to say is that Chun-Yi Hsieh’s Jane is a beauty, and I’m more like a beast.” others owe her “You’re too modest,” she said. She thanked everyone for their concern and blessing, but she was still a little shy about moving emotional matters to the table.

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