Yang Hsiu Hui was crazy about buying shoes on her anniversary and Swiped 5 Credit Cards


The annual anniversary is coming. TVBS’s online program “M.beauty玩美研究室” invites shopping experts Yang Hsiu Hui (杨绣惠) and Maze Lin (林嘉凌) to share the crazy shopping experience of the anniversary. Mr. Xiaobao and Mr. McCullen took the lead in sharing the crazy shopping experience seen on the anniversary. Some guests will take advantage of the anniversary to buy color cosmetics and brushes of all colors. They can sell 150000, and hair products can reach 300000 performance for a single guest. Yang Hsiu Hui, who made shopping perfect, can’t help saying, “when you see thousands of gifts, you can’t help losing your mind!”

When it comes to the crazy behavior of the anniversary, Yang Hsiu Hui once went home to calm down and opened the paper bag. Only then did she find that she bought three lipsticks of the same color and took a pile of the same makeup bags. Another product she will lock in is shoes. She buys them on the occasion of the anniversary. For example, when there is no discount, she will only choose one color for the five colors, but when she meets the anniversary, she will directly buy all the five colors, “because it will be worn all the time, if there are special colors, she will buy two pairs, one pair will be appreciated at home, one pair will be worn out, and if it breaks down, she can take out the other pair to wear.”


Maze Lin: “Absolutely no one in Taiwan has more eye shadow than I do.” when she heard the anniversary, she liked to buy “eye shadow”. She said that she looked at her and liked to show her some colors of the group. She always said, “this color is only controlled by the Maze Lin.” But I also hope that the cabinet sister can give back some beautiful gifts to her

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