Winnie Ho released the first New Book to Share her Healing experience after Divorce


Winnie Ho (何妤玟) announced her divorce last year. She also experienced a heart rending pain before and after the divorce. She launched a new book “Imperfect Relationship, and Better Myself”. The book mentioned that while taking time to slowly weaken her internal pain, she made her own efforts, from reading psychology to long-term psychological counseling, Understand the impact of your native family. In order to keep her mind stable, she uses travel, yoga and meditation to stabilize her body and mind; In order to make her children grow up happily, she took the initiative to communicate and work with her ex husband to get out of the conflict of divorce and become a pair of friendly parents who can help each other

Winnie Ho divorced after eight years of marriage and watched too many celebrities in the entertainment industry. She believes that in the face of emotional relationships, whether international stars or housewives, everyone is afraid that they will become the “people who don’t care”, but if they just want to win each other’s love or maintain the relationship, they deviate from their true self, It will only become more and more unhappy and live more and more unreal.

After the divorce, Winnie Ho believes that many women are also taking the road she has taken in their relationships. She thinks it is difficult to separate, and it is more difficult to face her true self. She has to face the heartbreaking pain and cry alone. She published her new book “imperfect relationship and better myself” on December 28. In the book, she shared with readers what resources they can seek when facing the end of the relationship, what preparations they need to make, how to face loneliness, adjust their mood, and how to build an emotional protection network for themselves, so as to “find a balance between marriage and self” Readers of “want to continue to look forward to love” say goodbye to the injury, meet the truth, and practice brave healing again.


Winnie Ho launched her first work” imperfect relationship with better myself “. Figure/source entertainment provides.

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