Will Liu is Accused of Selling Fake Bird’s Nest by Xin Youzhi

Will Liu and his wife Vivi Wang moved to Shanghai with their children for a year. A few months ago, due to the closure of Shanghai, their live-streamed teaching of aerobics at home became popular, and their net worth has doubled. On the 30th, he was accused by the Chinese Internet celebrity Simba(Xin Youzhi) of selling fake bird’s nests, which caused heated discussions among netizens. However, Will Liu still broadcasted the fitness live broadcast normally at night, and he was excited to cry and expressed that he wanted to do his part for the fitness industry.

Internet celebrity Simba is known as “Chinese No.1 Man with Live Broadcasts”. He started a live broadcast on the platform on the 30th and mentioned his previous controversial incident of selling fake bird’s nests. He said that he did not sell bird’s nests in his live broadcast room at that time. , but the platform promoted him as a hot search. In the end, he was the only one who took the responsibility and refunded all consumers, with a tragic loss of RMB 79.71 million.

Simba also revealed that there were actually many live broadcasters promoting the brand of bird’s nest at that time, including Will Liu. His accusation immediately sparked heated discussions among netizens, and some people criticized “it should be banned” and “the worst are consumers.”, but there are also many netizens who think that Simba is “wanting to drag Will Liu into the water”, and they have said that “I am not happy, and I don’t want to make everyone feel better”, “My colleagues are enemies.”

As one of the parties, Will Liu started a live broadcast as usual earlier to teach netizens to do aerobics. On the way, he mentioned that he had become popular due to aerobics teaching and had received many job offers. He said bluntly that he could go to the show and make money easily, but He still enjoys exercising with netizens.

Will Liu was moved to tears while talking, expressing that he wanted more people to fall in love with fitness and help the fitness industry grow. “You need to help many people to be better, so that they can also make a breakthrough in the fitness industry.” I hope that everyone can have a better relationship with their families because of exercising at home, thereby reducing the divorce rate, but did not respond to Simba’s revelations.

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