Where Chou once again reinterpreted the classic and sang “Miss you every day” to Show the light mature girl style

車勢星聞】周蕙推全新R&B單曲《彎彎的月光》,睽違六年再開個唱- CARTURE 車勢文化

Where Chou (周蕙) released the cover album “被遺忘的時光 A Beautiful Lost Time” in 2018 to reinterpret the top ten singers’ works from the 1960s to 1980s. After four years, she launched the second play. This time, she selected the classic representative works of male singers around the 1990s. The first single is Chang Yu-sheng (張雨生)’s famous masterpiece ” “Miss you every day” in 1988, which hides her unfulfilled pure love.

In 1988, Where Chou was in her purest national and high school years. ” “Miss you every day” carried many memories of her thoughts and admiration when she was a young girl. She shared: “at that time, I secretly fell in love with the senior student. I commuted to school by car and prayed in my heart that I could meet him by chance. I really miss him every day.” But he also laughed at himself and said, “but I’m very vulgar and hot and don’t have the courage to confess, so the senior may not know that I secretly liked him at that time.”

“I’m not going to be close to the past, but I’m not going to be young enough to explain it,” she said She added, “and some emotions are actually about to stop. Like talking about things on your mind, there must be some pauses, not too regular.” The setting of free shooting in the composition undoubtedly increased the difficulty of live singing and made Where Chou laugh and shout, “I can’t fix myself!” She will return to her hometown of Kaohsiung on June 18 to hold a “walking in the Moonlight” concert. For ticket purchase details, please contact the age ticket system.


Where Chou reinterprets Chang Yu-sheng’s classic song” miss you every day “, and admits that the pressure is not small. Photo/provided by Huayan international

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