Tiffany Hsu announced today that she and Roy Chiu are married, and Her ex-boyfriend Ruan Jingtian wishes her happiness.


Tiffany Hsu (許瑋甯) today announced her marriage to Roy Chiu (邱泽). Looking back on her past love history, Xu Weining showed her personality. Tiffany Hsu and Ethan Juan (阮经天) have been in love for eight years. Since 2007, Tiffany Hsu and Ethan Juan were photographed smearing sunscreen on each other in Kenting, and their relationship has been exposed. Tiffany Hsu accompanied Ethan Juan through the scenery of Golden Horse Reward. Because Golden Horse Reward 50 left the table early and did not participate in the group photos of successive emperors and empresses, she was blasted to the low tide of smelly head. She once talked about marriage, but it still didn’t blossom and bear fruit in the end.

Ethan Juan, through his agent Xiaoba, simply responded to “blessings” and congratulated his ex-girlfriend


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