The New Drama ‘Link’ was Stopped Filming after Yeo Jin-goo was Diagnosed with COVID-19


Yeo Jin-goo was Diagnosed with COVID-19, according to Korean media “News1” report.

Yeo Jin-goo, who was born as a child star and has also shown excellent acting skills by virtue of dramas such as “The Crowned Clown”, “Hotel Del Luna” and “Monster”, is currently filming the new TVN drama “Link (Link:盡情吃,用力愛)”. The crew of “Link” also stopped shooting, and said that they would conduct PCR detection on all the staff, and then decide when to resume shooting according to the follow-up situation


Yeo Jin-goo plays the hero “Yin Jixun” in “Link”, and the heroine is played by Wen Jiaying, who once performed “True Beauty”

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