The First Broadcast of “Jirisan” Starring Jeon Ji-hyun Achieved Record-high Ratings


“Jirisan (지리산)”, starring Jun Ji-hyun (전지현), Ju Ji-hoon (주지훈), started broadcasting on the 23rd. It lived up to expectations, broke through the good score of 9.1% of the average audience rating, and directly jumped to second place in the premiere of TVN TV station. Jun Ji-hyun’s last work “Kingdom: Ashin of the North (屍戰朝鮮:雅信傳)” was protested by the audience because of its few words and a short length. Now, he is elated and once again sparked a discussion with his acting skills and frozen age beauty

Jun Ji-hyun and Ju Ji-hoon have not been in the same frame in the “Kingdom (킹덤)” because of the sequence of the plot. They fight first in “Jirisan”. They bear the tests of wind and rain, rock climbing and mountaineering together. Jun Ji-hyun’s ace Ranger Xu Yijiang and Ju Ji-hoon are rookies Jiang Xianzu. They cooperate to search and rescue trapped people in the mountains and forests.

The behind the scenes team of “Jirisan” is led by the well-known screenwriter Kim Eun-hee (김은희) and ACE director Lee Eung-bok (이응복). Kim Eun-hee is the screenwriter of “Kingdom” and knows the advantages of Jun Ji-hyun and Ju Ji-hoon. In addition, from supporting actors to guest actors, it is a timely choice, including powerful actors Sung Dong-il (성동일) and Oh Jung-se (오정세), as well as Ryu Seung-ryong (류승룡). The luxury Cass lineup is enough to attract the eyes

In order to present the mountain forest characteristics of “Jirisan”, the whole play takes great pains to operate the mirror. In addition to the magnificent panorama of mountains and forests, there are also cliffs and beautiful secret places, so that the audience can feel the danger and charm of deep mountains. In order to search and rescue the lost climbers, the cost of manpower and material resources for a rescue is very high, and the rescue team members are more likely to die, which has also become another warning effect of the whole play

In order to continue the momentum of the first episode, “Jirisan” foreshadowed that Ju Ji-hoon was eventually killed and unconscious, and Jun Ji-hyun was also injured and in a wheelchair. The audience was intrigued by the suspense and couldn’t wait to see the next episode. “Jirisan” is broadcast simultaneously in iqiyi international app, and South Korea at 8 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday.


Jun Ji-hyun still exudes goddess aura without bright makeup and hair. Figure/iqiyi international station provides


Jun Ji-hyun is armed for search and rescue most of the time. Figure/iqiyi international station provides


Ju Ji-hoon is also exposed to wind and rain. Figure/iqiyi international station provides


Jun Ji-hyun shooting in heavy rain. Photo/iqiyi international station provides

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