The Actress of the Taiwanese version of “Descendants of the Sun” died at the age of 31 after a long illness

Fang Lingrong, a captain of the Taiwan Air Force who was once known as the heroine of the Taiwan version of “Descendants of the Sun/太阳的后裔“, died of shock at the age of 31.

According to reports, Fang Ling-sol was suffering from lupus erythematosus and had been on leave without pay since 2 years ago, but she was sent to the hospital on the night of the 29th due to ill health and was declared dead after doctors failed to save her.

Because of her sweet appearance, Fang Lingrong used to be the female anchor of “China Television” Juguang Garden. She also took pictures of the Taiwan Army’s image calendar and was included in the “Air Force Beautiful Girl” in April.

In 2017, the Korean drama “Descendants of the Sun” was a hit in Taiwan, and the Taiwanese army followed the example of the drama and launched the Taiwanese army image idol drama “The Best Choice”, in which the heroine was Fang Lin-sol, who was sealed as the Taiwanese version of “Descendants of the Sun” together with Mr. Air Force Major Wang Yun-yu. Now the news of her death is spread, it is saddening.

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