The 24th Taipei Film Festival: Ko Chen Tung and Chen Shiang-chyi Were Crowned the Film Stars and Queen, and Giddens Ko Won the Best Director

The 24th Taipei Film Festival “Taipei Film Awards” ceremony was held yesterday evening (9th).

(Taipei, 10) The 24th Taipei Film Festival Awards Ceremony was held yesterday (9) evening, the best actor was “Till We Meet Again (月老)” Ko Chen Tung; the best actress was won by “Increasing Echo/修行” Chen Shiang-chyi. The best director was Giddens Ko for “Till We Meet Again” and the best feature film was “Mei guo nu hai (美国女孩)“.

In addition to Best Actor and Best Director, “Till We Meet Again” also won Best Visual Effects and a total of three awards; “Su Huan-Jen/素還真” won Best Animation, Best Styling and Outstanding Technical Award; “Goddamned Asura (该死的阿修罗)” also won Best Score, Best Supporting Actress and Best Screenplay; and “A Holy Family/神人之家” won Best Editing, Best Documentary and Million First Prize. These four works all won three awards, making them the big winners of the year.

He was surprised to hear that he won the award, and was teased by Chen Shufang for snatching the award away from him, but he laughed and said, “Because I really want to take it.” In addition to thanking his family, Ko also thanked all the people who helped director Giddens Ko to complete “Till We Meet Again” and the two female leads in the film, Wang Jing and Song Yunhua.

Chen Xiangqi, who won the Taipei Film Awards with “Increasing Echo“, choked up on stage and said, “Finally, I also give this award to my parents, although you can’t see it, but I’m sure you’re very happy and miss you, I love you all and thank God for all the glory to Him.”

陈湘琪凭著与导演钱翔再度合作的电影《修行》拿下第2座的台北电影奖影后,Chen Xiangqi won the second Taipei Film Award for her film “Increasing Echo”, which she collaborated with director Qian Xiang again.

“The winners of the 24th Taipei Film” Awards are as follows”

Million Dollar First Prize: A Holy Family

Best Feature Film: Mei guo nu hai

Best Director: “Till We Meet Again” by Giddens Ko

Best Actor: “Till We Meet Again” by Ko Ching-Teng

Best Actress: “Increasing Echo”

Best Supporting Actor: “Incantation” Gao Yingxuan

Best Supporting Actress: “Goddamned Asura” Wang Yu-hsuan

Best New Actor: “Mei guo nu hai” Yuting Fang

Best Cinematography: “Leave Me Alone” Xia Shaoyu

Best Screenplay: “Goddamned Asura” by Lou Yi-An and Chen Xin-Yi

Best Sound Design: “Kaohsiung City, Yancheng District, Fubei Rd., No.31/庭中有奇树​” by Wei-Yan Gao

Best Soundtrack: “Goddamned Asura” by Qin Xuzhang, Xu Jiawei, Cai Jiaying, Chuanliu

Best Visual Effects: “Till We Meet Again” by Yan Zhenqin, Gang Feng Creative Image Co.

Best Animated Film: “Su Huan-Jen”

Best Styling Design: “Su Huan-Jen”

Outstanding Technique: “Su Huan-Jen” by Huang Wen Ze (Sound Performance)

Best Art Design: “Incantation” by Chen Ruoyu

Best Short Film: “Good Day (詠晴)

Best Editing: “A Holy Family” by Yi-Ling Huang

Best Documentary: “A Holy Family”

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