Taiwanese Singer Miu Zhu Died of Cancer at the age of 40

(Taipei 4) Taiwan singer Miu Zhu is rumored to have passed away at the age of 40, her family has confirmed through an official Facebook post.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020 and went into hiding after attending a performance event in October 2021. In March this year, Zhu Xin Yi actively fought against cancer and shared her process on Facebook, when Zhu Li Jing left a message to help her “Come On Together”.

At the beginning of last year, Miu Zhu confessed that she had breast cancer at a press conference, revealing that she continued to rely on medication. She said at the time that her overall condition was “better than a while ago” and that she had found a way to get along with her “new body”, but today came the bad news.


The full text of Miu Zhu’s Facebook page.

Statement from Miu Zhu’s family.

Thank you for your concern.

MIU, who always laughed and brought positive energy through her music, passed away peacefully on July 3.

Her family is still sad about her departure and has a lot of things to deal with, so I beg the press to give them more space and time.

We know you must have a lot to say to MIU, we will announce the details of the memorial service again, please understand!

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