Taiwanese Artist Bernice Chao Gave Birth to Her Second Child on July 2 This Year

Taiwan artist Bernice Chao welcomed her baby daughter Doreen in 2020 after giving birth to her second child on the 2nd, and her husband Jason Hsu was happy to report the news last night, revealing that his wife’s delivery went smoothly and also praising the baby for being a sweet child.

Jason Hsu posted on Facebook last night, revealing that his wife Bernice Chao gave birth to his son Liam, and said that his son was very good at picking time, and he was born after his first two days of location.

He said that during her pregnancy, especially near the due date, she often felt the fetus move a lot and “often woke up her mother from her sleep”. But the child was very sweet at birth, “did not let the mother pain for a long time, go in to you pop out only took 14 minutes, everyone joked that simply ride a rocket to come!”

Originally the two were scheduled to go to eat file ice and spicy pot today, because of the birth of their son and did not make it, but the couple were quite happy to welcome their son into the family. “Let dad finish recording two days ago, let mom have a good sleep last night and finish breakfast today.”

He sentimentally told his son, “Mom and I and my sister Doreen will love you and stay with you and bring you and your sister together to get to know the world well, thank you for joining our family!”

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