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Kawashima Makiyo, also named Makiyo, Lin Jiashu, or Lin Jia-Shu, is a Japanese singer, actress, and TV hoster. who was born on 12 June 1984 in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Makiyo’s active years are 2000–present. Because her mother is Taiwanese, she came to Taiwan with her mother when she was ten years old, so she has been developing in Taiwan until now.


Personal Profile

Full Name: Kawashima Makiyo
Name in home country: 川岛茉树代/林佳树
Age: 37
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Blood Type: Not Known
Mother: Lin Xiao-Xia (Deceased in 2015)
Date of Birth: June 12, 1984
Place of Birth: Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.
Education: Taipei Japanese Overseas School
Boyfriend: Mr. Kim (34-year-old)
Ex-Boyfriend: Milton(2006-2007), Ji Long-Hui/寄隆輝(2012), Eddy Ou(2013)
Occupation: Singer, actress and TV hoster



In March 2001, the first album “Save Money/存钱” was released. In June, Song Xinni and Liu Zhihan starred in “U-TOUCH” guest star Xingzi. In December, the album “Say You Love Me Every Day/天天说爱我” was released.
On April 2, 2002, he co-starred with Guo Xin and Yang Youning in “Dormitory No.4/四号宿舍” and played Ye Jiajia in the play. The album “Goodbye 17/再见17岁” was released in June.
The album “Sign of Wish” was released on September 1, 2003. The album “NEGAI Wish/NEGAI 心愿” was released in October.
In February 2004, the album “Garden/花园心事” was released. The album “The Road Less Travelled/直到樱花盛开时” will be released in April. In September, the first music club in the mainland was held in Beijing.
In 2007, he co-starred with Zeng Zhi Chen Yi and Zhao Hongqiao in “Love Two Goods and Three Bads/爱情两好三坏” and played a fake fortune teller in the play.
On February 14, 2009, he participated in the “2009 Taipei Bade Crazy Street Carnival” event.
In 2010, Jiang Fenghong and Zhang Boyu co-directed the modern romantic drama “Summer of Bubble/泡沫之夏” as a guest host of the ceremony.
In August 2011, “Night Electricity/夜电” was released.
In February 2012, he filmed “iPartment 2/爱情公寓2” with Sun Yizhou and played the unmarried mother Nanako in the play. This drama is also the first time in 10 years that the drama will be performed again. In February, participated in the “It’s Our Show Time” Beijing Rock Party organized by the Sound of Music and Levi’s.
In August 2013, he and Yang Ziyan co-starred in “True Love Without Regrets/真爱无悔” and played the cancer patient A Mao in the play. In order to play the role, he cut his long hair.
In February 2014, Dapeng, Liu Yan, Wenwen and others starred in “The Diaos Men S3/屌丝男士3” broadcast on Sohu.com, and announced their comeback through this film.


Social Media & Contact Details

Email Address: Not Known
Weibo: https://weibo.com/makiyo69
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kawashimamakiyo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Makiyo-new-%E5%B7%9D%E5%B3%B6%E8%8C%89%E6%A8%B9%E4%BB%A3-277331715761436
Twitter: Not Known
Tiktok: Not Known
Youtube: Not Known
Phone Number: Not Known


Discography & Filmograhy

  • Super Teacher (2017)
  • Next Station I Love You (2014)
  • The Road Less Travelled (2010)
  • L-O-V-E (2009)
  • Love Power Generation (2009)
TV Series:
  • Diors Man 3 (2014)
  • iPartment 2 (2011)
  • Summer’s Desire (2010)
  • Full Count (2007)
  • Taipei Family (2005)
  • U-TOUCH (2002)
  • U-TOUCH (2001)
  • Girls Walk Forward (2001)


Makiyo’s FAQ

What’s Makiyo’s Latest News?

(May 2022 News) Makiyo confirms that she is pregnant and wants to marry, the object is Mr.Kim, who is 3 years younger than her.

男友金先生第三度下跪求婚,Makiyo終於答應。 圖/擷自臉書

Is Makiyo Married now?

Not Yet, But her boyfriend has proposed to her recently, and they are expected to get married soon.

Is Makiyo Pregnant now?

Yes, she is pregnant for four months.

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