Taiwan Professional Baseball Cheerleader, Who is the Most Beautiful?


Taiwan professional cheerleaders, which one is the most beautiful?

The cheerleading team has always been a major “delicate” point on the field, and the goddess-level members have attracted numerous fans. Recently, a Taiwanese netizen asked “Which is the top cheerleader in Taiwan professional baseball? Recently, a Taiwanese netizen asked the question “Which is the top cheerleader in Taiwan?

According to the Taiwanese media, the original PO mentioned that some people go to the stadium not to care about how well they play baseball, but how wonderfully the cheerleaders dance.

The original PO said, “We all know that no one cares about how well Taiwan baseball is playing, but which cheerleader is doing the best job! Which one is the top cheerleader in Taiwan baseball in your mind?”

陈怡叡YuriYuri/Chen Yi Hiei(陈怡叡)

The posting immediately sparked heated debate, with Yuri Chen, the “Lotte Girl”, being named the most.

“The most popular choice is Yuri, who is recognized as the best cheerleader.

林襄Lin Xiang (林襄)

Also on the list were Lin Xiang, Qiu Qiu, Ni Xuan, Ci Mei, and Shou Jin.

峮峮Hsiu Hsiu (峮峮) 倪暄Ni Xuan (倪暄)

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