“Squid Game” Lee Jung-jae has no invitation for a new film in Europe and America. He will not refuse if there is suitable


There have been many precedents for European and American entertainment circles to wave Asian red stars to join the shooting of new films. Recently, South Korean heavyweight actor Lee Jung-jae(李政宰) , who is known to more Western audiences because of Netflix Korean drama “Squid Game”, admitted that he has not received any invitation from Europe and the United States, but if he has a suitable role, he will be willing to step out of South Korea to take over international production, I think it should be fun

“Squid Game” has set off an upsurge of drama chasing by European and American audiences, and the actors have become the focus of media attention. Lee Jung-jae accepted an exclusive interview with the important entertainment publication variety daily, saying that he did not expect such success before taking over the play. However, after reading the script, he found that there are many elements that can move all audiences and have the opportunity to be popular outside South Korea


As early as before Lee Jung-jae, Li Bingxian, rain and others had appeared in Hollywood blockbusters. Recently, Park Seo-joon(朴叙俊) also joined Marvel’s “Captain surprise 2”. If he follows their footsteps to the world, it will be a little late for his acting qualifications. The variety Daily said that Lee Jung-jae is now the most box office guaranteed male star in South Korea’s performing arts circle. However, he feels that he has not changed. After the new year, he feels that his energy is not as good as before. Reason tells him that he must focus on one thing at a time, so he focuses on doing a good job as an actor

Now he is nearly half a hundred years old, and this feeling is even stronger. At present, he has not received an invitation from overseas, but if there is a good opportunity, he will hold an open attitude. European and American film makers who want to strike while the iron is hot might as well step up their pace as soon as possible


Lee Jung-jae has not received any invitation for new films in Europe and America. (Reuters data photo)

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