Sprite Fang was invited to be the Cover Girl of the April issue of JKF Magazine and posted Shocking Sexy photos

Sprite's spicy style remains the same.  Figure / Provided by JKF

“The Erotic Leader” Sprite Fang (方祺媛) was recently invited to be the cover girl of the April issue of JKF magazine, offering a series of shocking welfare photos. Sprite shared: “I should have been in JKF for four or five years, and I feel honored to be on the cover again, and I want to let everyone know that I am entering another stage in my life! I will be sexy for a lifetime! Sexy is the kind of 60-year-old, I think each stage has a different sexy style, when I first joined JKF, it was very bold to show sexy, but now my sexy is more mature.”

Sprite said frankly that she dived for a while because she fell in love, and she started flying in the career part. Sprite responded: “I used to be ignorant! I advise girls not to devote themselves completely to love or men. You will regret it when you are old. People who really love you will not say to support you, they will say that I support you, so be careful not to fall in love with your brain, how long can a man support you, and can you support you until you are eighty years old? Of course, you still have to rely on yourself!”

As a past person, Sprite shared that she set up a YouTube channel ahead of schedule at that time, and most wanted to thank Namewee (黃明志). At that time, the two met for hot pot. When Sprite talked about future plans, Huang Mingzhi gave solid advice: “Just be yourself, you don’t need a brokerage company, and I highly recommend you to open YouTube. Only by running your own channel can you have your own brand characteristics.” So Sprite began to learn how to make and edit videos, although the channel is not her main source of income, “But I can use the video to let everyone know that my work is a mess and record my life. At the same time, I can get closer to my fans, and I also hope to convey my true thoughts so that everyone can change their minds about me.”

Regarding the emergence of new talents in JKF, Sprite gave advice as a senior: “There are too many sexy girls, how can they not be short-lived, the key is to find their own added value and stimulate the possibility of various works, don’t set limits Sprite said: “I have been working hard to build a sense of presence in front of the screen. Through hosts, singers, YouTubers , I will post or shoot videos every day, and try my best to interact with fans on the Internet, so when I hear someone say I’m going to fade out , I’m actually very surprised, I think it’s more sad than calling me like an auntie, because I’m a person who is trying so hard to express, how can I give up all this!”

Now Sprite is more mature and stable, “I admit that I used to be blind, but after going through so much, I have learned to restrain myself, and it is easy to offend people if I speak bluntly. We all need to practice the art of speaking. It is recommended to read more books on a daily basis.” Please refer to the April issue of JKF Magazine for the relevant interview content.

Sprite's spicy style remains the same.  Figure / Provided by JKF
Sprite’s spicy style remains the same. Figure / Provided by JKF
Sprite is generous and sexy.  Figure / Provided by JKF
Sprite is generous and sexy. Figure / Provided by JKF
Sprite M-shaped open legs to broadcast benefits.  Figure / Provided by JKF

Sprite M-shaped open legs to broadcast benefits. Figure / Provided by JKF

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