Song Hye Kyo and Jang Kiyong’s New Work “Now, We Are Breaking Up” won the Simultaneous Rating Championship in Korea Premiere


Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki-yong’s new work “Now, We Are Breaking Up” won the viewing champion of the same period in the first episode of its premiere in South Korea, and also wrote a new record for the number of viewers in Taiwan. However, only in Episode 3, some viewers disliked the stereotyped plot of sister-brother love and wanted to boost their ratings. They were almost overtaken by Lee Jun-ho (이준호)’s retirement from the army and return to ancient clothes, with his masterpiece “The Red Sleeve”.

Song Hye Kyo, 39, is skilled at freezing age. She is also a fashion designer in “Now, We Are Breaking Up”. Her makeup and hair modeling has become an imitation model for female audiences. In the eyes of manufacturers, she has long been the “Queen with goods”. As soon as the new play was broadcast, it immediately set off a rush to buy. Song Hye Kyo changed 10 sets of shapes in just two episodes, matched with various European and American boutique bags, jewelry and watches. One Italian brand bucket bag was sold out of stock. Song Hye Kyo’s coat, skirt and coat of local Korean brands also triggered a rush buying boom. The same windbreaker and skirt sold out immediately after the play was broadcast…


“Now, We Are Breaking Up” also led the popular broadcasting platform Friday video and audio. The audience of the first two episodes reached more than three times that of the previous exclusive follow-up works, setting a new record for the platform drama, of which 15% of the audience were new members attracted by the drama, proving that Song Hye Kyo’s goddess has a strong charm

The “The Red Sleeve” broadcast on the same day as “now breaking up” is the first small-screen work of Joon Ho, a 2pm member of the Korean men’s team, after he retired from the army. Joon ho plays the well-known historical figure of South Korea, the king “Lee hee” who puts the country above love, and the palace maid played by the goddess of ancient costume drama Li Shirong. They share a period of later generations called “love of the century” Court love story

Although “The Red Sleeve” was beaten down by “Now, We Are Breaking Up” after its broadcast in the first week, the gap between the two sides has narrowed to only a decimal point, and the audience has been highly praised on the Internet. In the ranking of “hot Korean dramas in November” published by gooddata, the Korean data analysis agency, “red cuff band” airborne the champion with the Internet topic accounting for 15.26%, The trend continues to be bullish. “Now, We Are Breaking Up” and “The Red Sleeve” are all popular in Friday.


Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki-yong talk about sister brother love. Figure/Friday video provides

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