“SKY Castle” Lee Yu-jin is 16 years old and grows up to 188 cm tall


At the age of 14, Lee Yu-jin, who played the role of “xiuhan” in the popular Korean drama “SKY Castle 天空之城”, has only grown up in a storm in two years and is nearly 190cm tall.

When performing sky castle, Lee Yu-jin was simple and cute. Her face was still flesh and blood. She was loved by many audiences. Later, he also participated in “PRODUCE X 101” and stopped 55. However, her appearance of trying to practice dancing made many netizens cheer for him.

Today (3) came the news that he signed up for the new company image9comms. Image9comms said that Lee Yu-jin’s potential and growth are expected, and the company will stably support him to become a better actor.

At present, at the age of 16, he is 188CM TALL and has long legs like a model. He shows his acting skills with melancholy eyes in the new drama “Depression”.


Lee Yu-jin storm growth. Figure/taken from Ig

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