Siang-Jhen Wu will exhibit his photography and printmaking works for the first time at One Art Taipei next month


Siang-Jhen Wu (吴翔震), who successfully held a personal painting exhibition last year, will exhibit photography and printmaking works for the first time at one Art Taipei Expo next month (January 2022)

Siang-Jhen Wu’s solo exhibition “Photosynthesis” last year was highly praised, showing his amazing artistic talent in painting in addition to his acting. Next month, he will cooperate with Avocado digital micro jet output in One Art Taipei to expose the photography works of “vacation series” and the prints of “Fukuyama Meizhi” and “Facebook” for the first time.


Because of the epidemic, Siang-Jhen Wu’s original film work was postponed to next year, which just allowed him to prepare for photography and painting exhibitions. He usually likes to take photos everywhere with his beloved camera and take pictures of the moving in life. The holiday series launched this time hopes that after you enjoy it, you can feel happy, relaxed and safe. In addition, the prints he will expose for the first time are full of imagination, childlike fun and lovely style, which also reflect each other with the theme adventure time of this joint exhibition

Lai Zhiwei, CEO of avocado, said that first, after an in-depth chat with Siang-Jhen Wu at one Art Taipei, he found that he was not only an actor, but also an artist who loved creation. From his description of the creative process and his ideas on art, we can deeply feel his enthusiasm for creation

Lai Zhiwei was very surprised to see Siang-Jhen Wu’s photography creation for the first time. The composition of several photos composed of many shade trees is very coordinated, and the light and shadow are comfortable. It looks like being in a vacation paradise, giving people a very relaxed and happy feeling

As for the paintings, Lai Zhiwei believes that Siang-Jhen Wu’s “Fukuyama Meizhi” series is very gratifying, which is in line with the form loved by many young people now. Using a lovely and somewhat abstract mountain, even you will feel like a cactus, to express Siang-Jhen Wu’s unique beauty, such paintings will certainly heal people’s hearts. If looking at works of art is a cure for the soul, Wu Xiangzhen’s paintings are the best medicine

Last year, Siang-Jhen Wu’s solo exhibition won high praise in the art circle, and many artists in the performing arts circle also gave applause, Winnie Hsin (辛晓琪), Ivy Shao (邵雨薇), etc. when they went to the exhibition site last year to buy Siang-Jhen Wu’s works, they were sold out. This time he held another exhibition, which has made many friends and fans look forward to one Art Taipei from January 14 to 16, 2022, Held at Taipei Xihua Hotel.


Actor Siang-Jhen Wu’s artistic creation talent, which is well received. Figure/avocado digital micro jet output provides

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