Show Lo’s New Song “TRAP GAME” was Revealed to be Plagiarized

羅志祥正式宣告復出。圖/GOT NO FEARS提供

Artist Show Lo (羅志祥) returned to the music world again after being “broken up” by his girlfriend last year. Unexpectedly, recently, some netizens revealed that the new song was suspected of plagiarism, which once again aroused heated discussion.

After the launch of Show Lo’s new song “TRAP GAME”, some netizens questioned that the song was suspected of copying the works of American rapper Gawvi. At that time, Show Lo’s agent responded that the song was made by Ji Jiasong. “You should ask the composer! We bought the song from Mr. Ji.”

羅志祥正式宣告復出。圖/GOT NO FEARS提供

According to SETN News, Ji Jiasong denied plagiarism and stressed that he had never heard the song before. Today (25th), he said with emotion that his works published in Korea and Japan in recent years are not suspected of plagiarism. He bluntly said that “any singer who writes and makes Chinese dance music feels like an indefinite bomb. It will be said like this and that at any time, or do I need to adapt?”

歌曲遭質疑抄襲,作曲人深夜在IG大吐苦水。 圖/擷自IG

the song was suspected of plagiarism, The composer vomited bitterly at IG late at night. Figure/taken from IG

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