Show Lo is officially back! His New Single “TRAP GAME” MV is now live on YouTube

羅志祥新單曲「TRAP GAME」MV今於YouTube上線。圖/GOT NO

Show Lo (罗志祥) finally returned to the music world after being silent for one year and seven months after his ex girlfriend Grace Chow (周揚青) “devastating breakup”. The new song “TRAP GAME” MV has been online on YouTube for four hours and has been read by 170000 points. Although some netizens still taunt him in the message area, most of them are highly praised on the whole and are happy about his comeback.

Some suspected iron powder messages in the past said that “although you have taken off the powder, I still want to see you return to the stage and speak with your works”, others said that “although the multi-person movement is really full of slag, I seriously think his spirit of returning to zero and standing up in the face of a blow is still worth learning” and “you are great, I know you will stand up! Accompany you to the end.”.

羅志祥新單曲「TRAP GAME」MV今於YouTube上線。圖/GOT NO

After returning from a long absence, Show Lo started again with his signature fast song and dance music. He found well-known musicians Jeremy Ji (紀佳松) and DJ Daniel Kim as music producers and singing producers respectively. He wrote words with his friend Yang Lin and cleverly incorporated the concept of “escape” into the sneaker brand design. When shooting the MV, he sang and danced to show the king’s style, and felt that the dress affects the dance strength, When he talked with the dancers about which song was the most tiring, he smiled and said, “in fact, what kind of tiredness do we fear most? If all the concert suites are gathered together…”, he held his forehead and said, “tired!”

In January next year, Show Lo is sure to stand on the little big egg in Taipei with “100% Entertainment”. With the launch of the single, is it expected to make the first comeback in the new year? The agency said, “the performance plan is also being planned. Please look forward to it.”

羅志祥正式宣告復出。圖/GOT NO FEARS提供

Show Lo officially announced his comeback. Figure/got no fears provides

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