Shawn Yue’s 6 Million Clown Girl NFT was hacked which is only transaction for 2 days

▲▼余文樂600萬小丑女成交2天被駭! 「手機一舉動」洩密:別貪方便。(圖/翻攝自Instagram/lok666)

Jay Chou (周杰伦) had no choice but to reveal on the 1st that the super rammed “Boring Ape” NFT that Huang Licheng had given him was stolen by a phishing website, and it is estimated that the loss maybe tens of millions. The home was also hacked and the ether was stolen. Just because of one operation of the mobile phone, Shawn Yue posted an appeal for this: “Don’t be greedy for convenience!”

▲▼余文樂600萬小丑女成交2天被駭! 「手機一舉動」洩密:別貪方便。(圖/翻攝自Instagram/lok666)

On March 30, Shawn Yue sold a 1/1 (one of one, unique) Harley Quinn NFT for 66.66 ETH (about NT$6 million). Unexpectedly, only 2 days later, he mentioned in the community that the buyer of the other party was attacked. The hacker stole the ether, “It turns out (yes) because he took a picture of the password of his wallet with his mobile phone…” Shawn Yue said that he felt very sad when he heard it, and repeatedly emphasized that “you must not use any mobile phone to take pictures of your own wallet. “Password”, urging netizens to write down the password on paper and keep it in a safe place.

Shawn Yue also reminded that you must use “cold wallets”, and don’t rely solely on technology for convenience. “I hope that friend will not be too sad, and I hope you can learn from experience. There will still be opportunities, but you have to be very careful.” Cheer on each other.

▲▼ Shawn Yue’s 6 million clown girl deal was hacked 2 days ago! “Mobile phone one move” leak: Don’t be greedy for convenience. (Picture / Retrieved from Instagram / lok666)
In fact, Jay Chou was also stolen NFT by hackers on the 1st, revealing that his friend, in order to help him buy the NFT of Brother Huang Licheng’s latest project, ended up stealing the “Boring Ape” he had previously received. It is reported that “Boring Ape” was given to Jay Chou by Huang Licheng in January this year. After the NFT was transferred from Jay Chou’s address, it was quickly changed hands on the trading platform at high prices for 133 ETH (about 1240 ETH). 10,000 Taiwan dollars), 155 ether (about 14 million Taiwan dollars) transactions.

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