Selina is proud of Her 40th Birthday and Revealed that S.H.E’s best friend’s trip: driving around the island


Selina Jen (任家萱) on the anniversary of the expiration of her investment in the sideline “任性eat下”, the first porridge product created an 8-digit performance. On the 31st, she will celebrate her 40th birthday and launch a new cocoa brewing beverage. Her birthday wish is not only the health and safety of her relatives and friends and the vigorous growth of her sideline, but also vows the annual goal: “move into a new office!” to show the momentum of the boss’s wife

Although she is not a dessert controller, she believes that cocoa is the best support for girls when their good friends come every month. Therefore, she wants to create a cocoa with adult taste but not bitter. She dreams of adding nuts and pine nuts to add aroma. She is reminded of the cost and cost from time to time by her colleagues. Finally, she uses pine nuts with rose salt to enrich the taste level. She proudly says: “The calories and sugar are also well controlled, and I am finally proud to launch this new product!” in addition to brewing, she has a whim to use rose salt cocoa to make chocolate lava cake. Her good sisters Ella Chen (陳嘉樺) and Hebe Tien (田馥甄) both praise it and help promote it in the community.

Talking about the mood of turning 40, Selina said with a smile, “running four has a sense of pride, like accumulating points and miles! You feel very happy when you successfully reach the beginning of four.” last weekend, she got together with her family in advance. Selina’s mother held a surprise birthday party and secretly invited her sisters to the party. She said with joy: “Very happy, crying and laughing to cut off the first birthday cake this year!”

S.H.E. will come together to celebrate her best friend’s birthday. Selina said, “well planned! Ella loves driving very much. She offered to be the driver of Hebe and me to take us on a small tour around the island, and then share the beautiful scenery and delicious food along the way.” These days, she helped her sister take care of the 15-year-old daughter of pinky, the late dog, which made her Miss pinky very much. But would she consider raising another hairy child? She said with a feeling: “it’s better to keep other people’s dogs for this sweet load and have a dry addiction!”.


Selina’s sideline full anniversary, push new products again, and create proud works regardless of cost. The picture/capricious eat provides

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