Sam and Ribbon Ooi as “Delivery Man” for charity

Shen Chin-Ning (Sam) and The other day, Ribbon Ooi personally handed out lunch boxes to the children to spend a different May 20.

(Kuala Lumpur, 22nd May) Fuying & Sam’s members, Sam and Roxie, visited the Herman Chinese Primary School in Puchong and the Lotus Flower Home in Barangay to deliver lunch boxes to the children. They personally delivered lunch boxes to the children, interacted with them on this special day, and spent a different May 20th.

The event took nearly half a year to prepare, and the staff spent four marathon days and nights to complete as many as 5,200 boxes of Smile Lunch Boxes, in order to let the children in need feel a sense of love and warmth on the day of 520.

Sam revealed that he woke up early for the event and went to the elementary school to deliver the boxes. It made him feel like he was back in the happy days of elementary school. Because of the epidemic, he was unable to participate in the event for the past two years, so he felt very honored to be able to participate in the project this time.

He described how he saw the innocent smiles and joy on the faces of every child who received the Happy Meal Boxes, even though they were wearing masks, which made him feel the purest joy of children and that simplicity is happiness.

Ribbon Ooi, who has just become the spokesperson of the education platform, pointed out that recently there are more opportunities to contact with children, and it is very meaningful to convey love with this 520 day. She also reminded the adults that even if life is busy and hard, they should not forget to fulfill their original intention and face life with spirit.

Both of them praised that this activity is very meaningful, just like receiving gifts on Children’s Day when you were a child, that kind of memories came to your mind, and they also hope that through this activity they can help more people in need, reminding everyone not to be stingy with love and spreading more good and positive things.

In addition to sending Smile Meal Boxes to elementary schools, Hourlight staff and volunteers also dispersed to 10 locations in the Xuelong District to send this love. 5202 Smile Meal Boxes were distributed to three elementary schools, seven orphanages and elderly homes.

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