Sally Yeh wears a relic ring and sings “With Love” in memory of her mother

Sally Yeh sings “With Love” song on the show “Infinity and Beyond”

(Beijing, 22) TVB and Mango TV teamed up to create a music variety show, “Infinity and Beyond”, which has become very popular since its broadcast. In the latest episode, Sally Yeh sang “With Love” to her late mother, the love of her life, and at the end of the song there were tears in her eyes, and the original onion behind this.

Sally Yeh lost her mother in December last year, she thought about the precious moments with her mother in the past in the program, laughing that her mother had playfully responded to her love with: “I love you more” before she passed away. She also confessed that she still can’t digest her mother’s death, but she carries around objects related to her late mother as a bridge of communication and remembrance.

She choked back tears and said, “I don’t dare to think about her, because I can’t remember her properly. So I wear her photos and rings all the time, I think into the ring is your (mother’s) eyes, then where I go, you can look at things with me.”

Sally Yeh also shared a clip of her singing on Twitter, writing emotionally, “With love” is a song I want to sing to my mother, with my deep love and thoughts for her. Although she is now with me in a different way, but this life is very happy to be her daughter, I will always love you, mom. ”

Many netizens were touched by her singing and left messages of comfort: “Mom will definitely hear you”, “The love for your mom overflowing from the screen! We can feel it, and I believe your mother will hear it too”, “As long as you remember your mother, she will always be there”, etc., very touching.

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