Roy Wang’s 21st birthday, Jackson Yee and Karry Wang celebrate it. 

November 8th is the 21st birthday of Roy Wang (王源), a member of the popular youth group TFBOYS. The studio took the lead in celebrating Wang Yuan’s birthday with zero points, summarizing the growth and harvest of Wang Yuan in the past year, and wishing the 21-year-old Wang Yuan every day. Sex is full of fun, and I wish him always be loved and loved without reservation.

The studio also shared a set of Wang Yuan’s latest portraits. Wang Yuan in a mint green suit is extremely handsome. His eyes reveal the charm of both youth and maturity. Green also symbolizes vitality. I hope that the 21-year-old Wang Yuan will continue to move forward. , Realize more possibilities.

Following the blessings from the studio, good brothers Jackson Yee (易烊千玺) and Karry Wang (王俊凯) are also stuck at zero for their birthdays. The pictures are still a familiar painting style ceremony among TFBOYS.

Jackson Yee wished Yuan a happy 21st birthday and hoped that he can continue to chase his dreams bravely and realize more wishes. Jackson Yee also accompanied a photo of Wang Yuan running in the woods, and posted “Run to 21” The word “year-old” fits well with the photo, and it is also very careful.

Wang Junkai wishes his brother Roy Wang a happy 21st birthday, and hopes that his new year will be happy every day and continue to do what he likes. Karry Wang also accompanied a handsome photo of Roy Wang.

I still remember that on the birthday of Jackson Yee, Karry Wang also put the same copy on the photo P when sending his blessings. Karry Wang specially found the pictures of Roy Wang and Jackson Yee writing, which is also very heartwarming.

It is reported that this is the 9th year since the establishment of the TFBOYS group. Although the three of them have not performed on the same stage for a long time, they also have their own studios, and each person’s development direction is different, but whether it is the release of the work or Having achieved certain results, the three of them will also give support and blessings, and they will accompany each other all the way, witnessing growth together, and the best blessings.

Today, Roy Wang’s career is still focused on his favorite music, while Karry Wang and Jackson Yee are going to the show business career. Many movies made by Jackson Yee have achieved very good results. These years It is also a down-to-earth practice to hone the acting skills and use the strength to make the audience recognize it, and the future can be expected.

Karry Wang’s development is more comprehensive and comprehensive, making movies, filming TV dramas, and recording variety shows. It can be said that he is also an all-round artist, and there are currently many films waiting to be released.

Roy Wang is dedicated to the development of music and has participated in many variety shows about music. He has never forgotten his original intention and has been working hard to present the best music to everyone, which is also great.

Seeing that the development of the three of TFBOYS is so good, the fans are also happy for it. The fans of these three have also been very harmonious. They are indeed a clear stream in the entertainment circle. I also hope that the three of them can create more outstanding creations in the future. Works, wish Roy Wang a happy birthday.

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