Rosina Lam Shared Her Skin Care Tips on Her Face Without Make-up


(Hong Kong, 23 July) Rosina Lam has been very busy with one drama after another recently, just after filming “Speakers of Law/法言人“, followed by “My Pet My Angel/宠爱Pet Pet” and “Sinister Beings II/逆天奇案II“. However, she has always been meticulous about her appearance and grooming, but she is very particular about skin care. A few days ago, she even showed up on social media in a vegan state and shared her skincare tips with everyone.

林夏薇素颜上阵分享护肤心得,可是却被网民说她撞脸林依晨。Rosina Lam’s face on the show to share skin care tips, but netizens said that she looks like Ariel Lin.

Rosina Lam’s fair and smooth skin is envied by many people. This time, she tied her hair and showed her skin without makeup, and her skin condition was still amazing. She said in the video: “The daily care of returning home from work in the morning, good morning, good night. No matter how busy you are, you can’t be lazy, my Wei Miu life.” It can be seen how important daily skin care is to her.

大家觉得像吗?Do you think so?

However, some netizens found her and Ariel’s face, no matter the shape of the face, contours and features, and even eyebrows are the same, laughing as if they were twin sisters, the degree of resemblance is as high as 90%. “, “separated?” and “When will the family reunion?” The story of the two men, who are related to each other, has been a topic of conversation.

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