Oguri Shun Recently was Exposed to Sing KTV Nude Indecent Photos

小栗旬全裸遭疑与多名女性“玩多人运动”,震惊娱乐圈! (图取自推特@gaasyy_ch)

The 38-year-old Japanese actor Oguri Shun and 36-year-old actress Yamada Yu married for 10 years, have three children, is a famous couple in showbiz, love family good man’s image is deeply planted in the hearts of people. However, Oguri Shun was recently exposed to sing KTV nude indecent photos, there are two women behind, suspected of “Slutty Party” within the marriage, which shocked the entertainment industry!

The former president of a Japanese fashion brand, Donggu Yihe, used to have extensive contacts in the entertainment industry, and after turning to be a YouTuber, he kept publicly exposing the scandals of celebrities, including Japanese drama gods Ayano, Shirota Yu and others have a history of promiscuity with multiple female companions and had also made public the nude photos of Ayano’s lower body lying on the bed, kicking out that he had attempted to “dominate” the actress. He has also released nude photos of the lower half of Ayano’s body in bed, and it was revealed that he had attempted to “dominate” the actress, and even had sex with Sawajiri Eiryuwa during the drama, leading to the destruction of the image.

Recently, the East Valley and again threw a shock bomb, the public Oguri Shun singing KTV naked lower body indecent photos, photos, only to see Oguri Shun holding a microphone forgetting to sing, but the body is stripped only a pair of underwear stuck in the thighs, the lower body location of another person’s hand, and behind Oguri Shun is not wife Yamada Yu, but two women very calmly packing things, it seems that this is not the first time they have seen Shun Oguri singing naked. Together with the photographer, at least 4 people were present, and they were suspected of having a “promiscuous party” in the marriage.

小栗旬全裸遭疑与多名女性“玩多人运动”,震惊娱乐圈! (图取自推特@gaasyy_ch)Picture taken from Twitter @gaasyy_ch

Although Donggu Yihe quickly removed the photo, it was screenshotted by netizens early and widely circulated on the Internet.

After seeing the indecent photo, Japanese netizens recognized that the filming location should be in a resort in Hiroshima. In the past, some industry players also broke the news that many artists were “doing this kind of thing” in this resort.

In this regard, Yoshikazu Togani, the president of the company that Oguri Shun belongs to, takes good care of his artists. In fact, some media previously broke the news that Oguri Shun spent a spring night with nearly 20 women during the pregnancy of his wife Yamada Yu.

In addition, there is news that Oguri Shun suffers from sex addiction. In response to the net rumors, Oguri Shun’s company has issued a statement, saying that there are now many statements on the Internet that damage the reputation of its artists, and do not rule out legal action.

Although he did not name the name, it was obviously aimed at Donggu Yihe’s revelations.

小栗旬和山田优结婚10年,育有3名子女。 (图取自IG@yu_yamada_)Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu have been married for 10 years and have three children. (Photo taken from IG @yu_yamada_)

Oguri Shun has acted in classic Japanese dramas such as “Hanazakarino Kimitachihe (花样少年少女)“, “Crows Zero/クローズZERO“, “Gintama/银魂“, and has countless fans for his handsome appearance and superb acting skills. When he starred in “Bomb Bee Men/貧乏男子” in 2008, he and the actor Yamada Yu After dating, they registered their marriage on White Day 4 years later. They have been working together for nearly 14 years. Two years ago, they welcomed their third child in a low-key manner and formed a happy family of five.

Oguri Shun has repeatedly praised his wife on the show: “My first impression of my wife is that she is lively and enthusiastic. She should be someone who likes to play everywhere. I didn’t expect that she actually stays at home and is good at Doing housework, I am very grateful to her for taking care of the house so well, so that I have no worries.” Unexpectedly, today there are indecent photos, which is surprising.

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