“Novoland: Pearl Eclipse” premiered, William Chan’s “Dragon Beard Head” shape provoked controversy

“Novoland: Pearl Eclipse (斛珠夫人)” premiered, William Chan’s “Dragon Beard Head” shape provoked controversy
Since “Novoland: Pearl Eclipse” was completed, the schedule has been delayed again and again, and it can almost be said that the audience’s appetite has been stoked.

Recently, “Novoland: Pearl Eclipse” finally began its premiere under the attention of the public.

It’s been a long time since Yang Mi’s new work was released. This “Novoland: Pearl Eclipse” almost hit the top of the hit list as soon as it was broadcast. This shows Yang Mi’s influence.

However, the rating and reputation of this “Novoland: Pearl Eclipse” is not very good, and it is not as big as fans imagined. The main reason is that the male protagonist.

The male protagonist William Chan has been very popular in the Mainland recently, and his singing and dancing skills are even more outstanding.

This time partnering with Yang Mi in “Novoland: Pearl Eclipse” also made many viewers excited.

However, William Chan’s style is indeed a little bit hip, I don’t know why, in recent years, there have always been some costume stars who want to challenge the “dragon beard”.

Maybe I want to create a feeling of fragrance, or I want to modify the face shape. In short, many images of male celebrities in costumes will have two strands of hair on their foreheads.

But this style is not suitable for everyone. Chen Weiting is obviously not suitable for this style. “Dragon beard” is more suitable for men with cool temperament and a feminine appearance. Less elegant feeling.

However, Chen Weiting’s “dragon beard head” seems to be particularly inconsistent, mainly because the “dragon beard head” looks too hard and does not have the temperament of a sickly and beautiful man, but like a general who can fight on the battlefield at any time.

For this reason, the audience expressed their acceptance of incompetence.

And if there is a seemingly non-existent relationship between Chen Weiting and the emperor, there is no need to conceal each other, it is really unnecessary.

From an overall point of view, the most outstanding feature of this drama is the female character.

Needless to say, Yang Mi’s appearance is very good from the beginning to the end.

In the beginning, the men’s meatball head was very heroic, and it did not have the embarrassment of the original big forehead. The women’s outfits that flashed by in the later period are also gentle and moving, well-dressed ladies.

Yang Mi’s style is very nice, and Chen Xiaojun’s style in the play is also truly amazing.

I thought she would be more abrupt in playing an exotic woman, but she surprised the audience as soon as she opened the scene.

Especially the lovely expression of Chuchu, the expression in his eyes, which made the audience’s little hearts unnecessarily tickled.

Styling teacher, look at the looks of female stars so amazing, if the male lead gives such a look, will your conscience hurt?

To be honest, although this TV series has polarized reputation in terms of styling, its texture is still worthy of praise.

Dong Xuan played the role of the shark in it, the shape is remarkable and very textured.

Especially in the underwater scene, it is a proper movie scene.

If you are a fan of novels, this TV series can be followed, because the plot is basically unchanged.

If you go for idols, you can also take a look. After all, idols can still be good.

On the whole, this TV series is quite suitable to be watched after dinner, and the rating is also considered passing.

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