Not a Self-Inflicted Wound: The True Cause Behind Coco Lee’s Demise

Not a suicide wound, this is the real cause of Coco Lee's death - Photo 2.

On the morning of July 7th, Sohu and Sina reported hot news from the media in Hong Kong (China) regarding the actual reason behind the death of the renowned singer, Coco Lee. According to the reports, this legendary vocalist did not pass away due to a self-inflicted wrist slashing, but rather due to a severely deteriorating health condition thereafter. It was revealed that the singer fled the bathroom and cried for help after her attempted suicide. This indicates that Coco Lee regained consciousness and desired to live after making that impulsive decision.

However, due to the severity of her injuries, the female singer had to be urgently hospitalized. Notably, the fact that Coco Lee fell into a comatose state during the admission process, accompanied by severe vomiting inside the ambulance, was the primary cause of her suffocation, leading to subsequent brain death and demise. The doctor also declared Coco Lee’s case as an “unusual death.” It was precisely due to this statement that the family decided to await the results of the autopsy to determine the actual cause of Coco Lee’s death.

Not a suicide wound, this is the real cause of Coco Lee's death - Photo 2.

On the evening of July 6th, Coco Lee’s biological sister confirmed this information with the media and affirmed that the forensic doctor would soon announce detailed examination results. Prior to this, she declared that her younger sister’s passing was not due to self-infliction but rather due to illness. In mid-2022, Coco Lee was diagnosed with breast cancer. Close associates of the singer’s production team revealed that only her sister was aware of this, as Coco Lee concealed her illness to prevent her mother from worrying.

Regrettably, the female singer had to go to the hospital alone for treatment, signing surgical documents to remove the malignant tumor. Meanwhile, her ex-husband, businessman Bruce Rockowitz, was traveling abroad. According to the Hong Kong media, the singer had no intention of informing her husband since they were already separated. Coco Lee’s friends advised her to leave her ex-husband, but she did not listen, resulting in a sense of helplessness, as they exclaimed, “How unfortunate that she acted so foolishly.”

Before her passing, Coco Lee subtly revealed a difficult life. Battling cancer, the singer also experienced a challenging year due to a severe issue with her left leg. However, according to close production associates, the singer courageously fought her illness like a warrior.

Currently, Coco Lee’s mother is in a worrisome state, unable to eat or sleep after learning about her daughter’s demise and facing a series of unfortunate incidents. It is known that many malicious individuals have taken advantage of Coco Lee’s reputation to create fraudulent fundraising schemes. This has further added to the difficulties and grief faced by the late singer’s family.

Moreover, according to Sina, Coco Lee’s family has encountered additional complications as her ex-husband has returned to Hong Kong. Throughout Coco Lee’s battle with cancer, Bruce continued traveling abroad. The singer had been waiting for her husband to return to Hong Kong to finalize the divorce procedures. According to Sina, both of them were supposed to settle all the formalities in July 2023, but the tragic incident occurred unexpectedly. Coco Lee’s family affirmed that Bruce would still be invited to attend the funeral of his former wife.

However, just two days after Coco Lee’s passing, Bruce unexpectedly published an official condolence letter, funeral document, and obituary in his own name and that of Coco Lee’s elder sister, referring to the late singer as his “beloved wife.” Nevertheless, Coco Lee’s sister promptly refuted Bruce’s statement, stating that the funeral documents and obituary were posted on social media by Bruce himself without prior discussion with the family. On July 7th, Coco Lee’s family will officially announce the obituary through the media.

It is known that Bruce was not originally a tremendously wealthy businessman; in fact, he was not as well-off as Coco and merely held a regular job. He used to be a professional tennis player and later transitioned to being a tennis coach for a period of time. It was by chance that he met and became close to a magnate of a conglomerate, which gradually led Bruce to enter the business and commercial sector.

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