Nicholas Tse Recently Took His Latest Selfie at the request of his fans


(Hong Kong, 29th) The male god Nicholas Tse has been very stylish every day since his debut. He is handsome in front of the curtain and in the kitchen. He also often interacts with fans on social networks, but because there are very few Posting selfie photos, so fans have a little “complaint”, and in order to meet the fans’ requirements, he finally posted the agreed selfie photo!

ThisIs this selfie satisfying to fans?

Nicholas Tse is also quite active on social networks, but fans often dislike him for rarely uploading self-portraits to meet everyone’s desire for him. He has always treated his fans like family members, in order to meet their requests, he uploaded a selfie for everyone, but he actually wore a mask and a duck tongue cap, plus a top hat, the angle of this shot not only can not see his features, even the skin is almost invisible, is really treacherous!

The fans saw the idol so naughty, also politely commented: “never seen such a handsome face”, “naturally handsome”, “handsome to a point”, “thank you, beautiful! “Thank you, beautiful to the point!”

EveryEvery time Nicholas Tse takes a selfie it’s oddly over the top.

In fact, in April, Nicholas Tse also had a selfie, wearing a hat, his head down to the camera, the light is blocked, the person is only half, the whole composition looks strange. But fans see also called out: “this photo angle, it seems that only Nicholas Tse dare to shoot this way”, called his face high on the very capricious, very funny.

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