Namewee and Kimberley Chen’s new songs “Fragile” Their Weibo are both disappeared


Namewee (黄明志) sang the new song “玻璃心Fragile” by Kimberley Chen (陳芳語). Although it is a sweet romantic love song, it is full of irony from the lyrics to the MV and walks on the edge of “humiliating China”. Coincidentally, as soon as the song was launched yesterday, Kimberley Chen’s microblog disappeared, and it is impossible to find that this song is related to Namewee.

The new song “玻璃心Fragile” is full of controversy. Namewee asked whether he was prepared to set off a debate between positive and negative poles again? Namewee responded, “it’s certainly a good thing that the song has a degree of discussion. It means that it has a resonance. I hope you can be humorous to launch this song.”


The MV not only includes panda dolls, but also talks about “common prosperity” and “I don’t know where to insult you” in the lyrics, including cotton, cutting leeks and cooking bats. Namewee also responded: “this song is a warm song to share the love of small animals, and the brokerage company is responding to the microblog application.”

Namewee ‘s MV and lyrics are full of irony.

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