Namewee and Colleagues arrived in Semporna on Tuesday for a tour

(Semporna 26) – Singer, director, internet celebrity, Youtuber and host Namewee, who is from Muar, Johor, Malaysia, was in Semporna, Sabah on Wednesday (25) and posted photos of his island tour on his Facebook page.

It is believed that the company’s schedule, Namewee and colleagues on Tuesday (24) arrived in Semporna travel, in addition to leaving footprints in the famous island, it is estimated that also took a boat trip around, which even in the sea at the pier to stay photographed.

Namewee then also uploaded a number of pictures on his Facebook page, and said, “It is rare to squeeze in a few days of vacation to travel to Sabah with colleagues. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

From the uploaded pictures, it can be seen that Namewee and his group also took many beautiful pictures in front of the beautiful island, in front of the beach, and even while snorkeling.

After uploading the photos, the netizens also left messages, including those from Kota Kinabalu MP Tan Hong Kian and Tawau Seri Tanjung state assemblyman Wong Yong Bin.

In addition, Tawau-born singer Chan Wai Chuen also joined in welcoming his visit to Sabah.

In addition to the majority of netizens welcoming Namewee to Sabah, some took the opportunity to reflect on the problem of garbage at sea and some invited Huang Mingzhi to travel to Tawau and Kota Kinabalu.

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