Mirza Atif Ali Baig Act a Gambling addict, was scolded as an “unfilial son”


TVBS 42 channel “Girl’s Power” recently, Mirza Atif Ali Baig (罗平) challenged one person to play two roles in the play. At the same time, he played Song Zhiqiang and Gao Tianlan, two roles with different personalities. Song Zhiqiang has an explosion of sense of justice, integrity and warmth. Gao Tianlan is addicted to gambling. He even focuses on playing games and ignores his mother suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, The exquisite performance let netizens into the play and scold “unfilial son”. Mirza Atif Ali Baig said about the two roles played by one person: “it’s very challenging. Playing two roles at the same time has changed from a little pressure to great enjoyment. I have a lot of ideas about these two roles. The director also gives me a lot of space to play as much as possible. I feel that I haven’t played enough yet.”

In the play, Gao Tianlan (played by Mirza Atif Ali Baig) is addicted to gambling. He also steals his fiancee’s ATM card and steals 100000 yuan for gambling. Luo Ping describes Gao Tianlan as so bad that he even wants to hit him. He even goes out with his fiancee with his mother suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, but he only cares about playing video games, causing his mother to lose. Asked if Luo Ping had ever been addicted to games in private, he said frankly: “the national hour was very addicted to large coin-operated game consoles. He loved playing racing and fighting. People who watched me play games would sponsor me and want to see me breakthrough.” however, when I grew up, my work became busier and busier. I found that the last time I opened the video game was early last year

In the play, Gao Tianlan’s mother mistook Song Zhiqiang for her son Gao Tianlan because of Alzheimer’s disease. She also booed the cold and asked for warmth. Song Zhiqiang also cooperated with the performance of mother-child love, which was very warm. Outside the play, Mirza Atif Ali Baig said that if he was suddenly mistaken for someone else’s son on the road in private, he would feel very embarrassed. “If the other party insisted on treating me as a son and taking me to his house, I would take my wife with me.”. He has never played the role of family members with Alzheimer’s disease in the past. Luo Ping also expects that such a story can make the audience reflect


Mirza Atif Ali Baig (middle) is badly beaten in the play. Figure/TVBS provides

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