Michelle Reis Celebrated Her 52nd Birthday a Few Days Ago

(Hong Kong, 21th) The “most beautiful Hong Kong girl” called Michele Monique Reis married Xu Jinheng in 2008, who is the grandson of Hong Kong Billionaire Xu Ai Zhou, the couple has a son, to form a happy family of three. Although she has faded from the acting world, every move is still the focus of conversation, Li Jiaxin celebrated her 52nd birthday yesterday (20), and posted beautiful photos on social networks, the excellent state of the netizens praise.

In fact, as early as nearly a month, Michelle Reis’s friends, relatives, and fans around her have been celebrating her, she has also been posting on IG, a few days ago Posted a photo with a bouquet of flowers sent by a fan, only to see her wearing a large V-neck top, with ultra-short, generously reveal a beautiful body and perfect face, the whole person looks radiant, no body fat, can not be seen to have been more than half a hundred years old.

She wrote: “Thank you for all your ingenious gifts, and thank you for the romance that has come every year for more than a decade. I’m so glad to have you all with me, M’s Family,” she wrote, expressing her gratitude for everyone’s constant support.

In addition to wishing her a happy birthday, many fans couldn’t help but admire her frosty temperament and state, leaving comments saying: “The most beautiful but Michelle Reis is really true”, “beautiful to a realm, 28 years old I believe”, “really a real girl. “Really a veritable girl Xin! The state is superb, energetic”, “your age is a mystery, seems to be 20 years old youthful girl”, etc.

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