Michelle Chen Recently Shares Photos of Yoga practice to Deny Rumors of a Second Child


Recently, Michelle Chen was rumored to be rounded suspected to be pregnant with a second child, this (8 Sep) afternoon to share to do yoga difficult movements indirectly to dispel the rumors, but also to show that 39 years old still maintain a superb physique, quite unscientific.

The new work “Warm and Sweet/温暖的甜密” in the photos, was sharp-eyed netizens found her abdomen slightly convex, looks rounded some, the whole person also floating pregnant smell, more from time to time with the flower file abdomen, immediately caused crazy guess, “now the photo looks more than 3 months ah”, “good hope she is pregnant, let Chen Xiao have a daughter. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

陈妍希PO出做瑜珈高难度动作间接辟谣。Michelle Chen PO out doing yoga difficult movements indirectly to dispel the rumor.

After the pregnancy was rumored to be crazy, Michelle Chen posted on Weibo this afternoon, revealing that after the shooting was over, she started to return to her ordinary life at home and was packing up her mood, and finally had time to practice yoga; in the photo Michelle Chen directly in front of the mirror upside down, head down and feet up, easily making difficult movements, and the body-hugging yoga outfit also showed her 39-year-old real physique, with slender limbs but slightly muscular, and super thin under the arse. The actual body of the woman is not at all like a pregnant woman.

However, there are still netizens who say that pregnant women can do sports, but there are medical reports that do not recommend pregnant women to make inverted postures because of the high-risk factor, easy to fall and other accidents, and may even have symptoms such as hypoxia, and also have a negative impact on the fetus. Michelle Chen not only took action to dispel the rumors, but also to the real body to face scolded her to become round one said.

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