LV Wenwan was shocked By Her ugly photo 20 years ago and shouted, “who is she?”

呂文婉分享20年前舊照。 圖/擷自呂文婉臉書

LV Wenwan (吕文婉), a senior media person, has been on major talk shows. Recently, she shared the photos recorded on the program 20 years ago. She was surprised when she saw them, so she decided to make the ugly photos public and have fun with everyone

LV Wenwan exposed a photo recorded on the “news dig wow” program 20 years ago on Facebook. At that time, she received the photo and couldn’t help exclaiming “who is she???”. Recently, she accidentally saw it in her photo album, so she decided to take out this ugly photo and share it with everyone. She laughed that she didn’t have a doll bag at all and stressed that she didn’t have plastic surgery. Netizens praised it as beautiful now, LV Wenwan revealed that “the phase was born from the heart! At that time, I was really unhappy… extreme misery“. Actress Carolyn Chen (陳珮騏) felt that “I remember when I saw my sister’s Ma Weixin (马维欣) newspaper, I thought you were beautiful. This photo is a matter of angle, so no one wanted to take it seriously at all”, LV Wenwan also responded “Ah Yi, you are so beautiful and smart. How can you live a clam?” in addition, some netizens found that another man in the photo was a famous mouth Chen Hui-wen (陈挥文), and couldn’t help laughing and saying “time is unforgiving” and “hair is so thick”

呂文婉分享20年前舊照。 圖/擷自呂文婉臉書

LV Wenwan shares old photos taken 20 years ago. Photo/taken from LV Wenwan’s Facebook

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