Lin Chi-ling released another new book and said she will give this book to her three-month-old son

(Taipei, 25) “Taiwan’s top model” Lin Chi-ling and Japan’s “loose brothers” member AKIRA (Kurosawa Ryohei) married, with her husband settled in Tokyo, Japan, and has been dreaming of becoming a mother, she announced on New Year’s Eve this year, the successful birth of a child, announced last night She announced last night that she would soon be releasing a new book, calling out “a gift for my baby”.

The 47-year-old Lin Chi-ling spent her first Mother’s Day a few days ago and sentimentally posted: “Thank you for never giving up”. Nowadays, she has reduced her workload significantly and left her time for her husband and son, rarely appearing in front of the public.

The Facebook page “Chiling Lin Support Station” last night brought the happy news that Chiling sister, who only released “My little notebook” in November last year, will publish a new book “Just the right amount of elegance – Chiling sister’s way of cultivation”.

She also indicated that the book is a gift for her son, in addition to being full of love.

In the new book self-introduction, Lin Chi-ling wrote: “I became a mother! Amidst so many unknowns and variables, this little life was born miraculously. I thank myself for never giving up, and I thank the strongest little baby! We finally have the happiness we can sing about at this moment. She says watching her child grow is the most beautiful gift in life, “but also learning that we will be the ones to initiate his growth. Should I give a gift to my baby, in addition to my full of love ah ~”

The book was written bit by bit by Lin while guarding her son and waiting for the time before he woke up, “so he could feel what his mother used to feel.

Lin Chi-ling’s new book, also invited friends in the circle to write the recommended preface, including Zhang Xiaoyan, Cai Congyong, Ariel, Huang Zizhi and so on.

The new book also invited friends to write the preface, including Zhang Xiaoyan, Cai Congyong, Ariel Lin, Huang Huang, etc. Among them, Cai Congyong wrote that he has eaten with many beautiful people, and found that the beauty usually do not care whether the table is cold, he discussed this topic with his friends, his friends said: “Beauty will not feel cold or cold off their business. They are already so beautiful”, so whenever he finds Lin Chi-ling thoughtful for others, Tsai Kang-yong always wants to ask: “Are you not a beauty? What do you care about other people’s feelings?” He believes that Lin is a beauty who has always had her own self, “she is not dazzled by her own light, nor does she live in the judgment of others about her, which is of course because she has always been introspective and practiced about human relationships.”

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