li JiaXin Celebrated Her 52nd Birthday Early

The great beauty Kathy Lee will be celebrating her 52nd birthday next month The newest addition to the lineup is the newest addition to the lineup.

(Hong Kong 22) has “the most beautiful Hong Kong sister” called Lee Ka Yan in 2008 married Hong Kong ship king Xu Ai Zhou’s grandson Xu Jinheng, after the marriage, the couple has a son, although she has faded from the acting world, but is still the focus of conversation. The couple had a son after their marriage, and although she has faded from the acting world, she is still the talk of the town. Li Jiaxin will celebrate her 52nd birthday on the 20th of next month, and she has already been the first to wish her birthday with her friends.

The company’s first birthday celebration was yesterday (21), when she took a photo of herself and her friends celebrating her birthday early, with her husband, Andy Hui, in attendance. In the photo, she wore light make-up, tied up a long hair, elegant and moving, frozen beauty is still the same, not at all can be seen already over half a century. Some netizens left comments praising her: “the most beautiful Hong Kong sister”, “said 30 years old are believed”, “emit natural mature charm” and so on.

It is worth noting that in the photo, Xu Jinheng is intimately holding Li Jiaxin’s arm, while she also nestled her body on her husband’s body, looking very affectionate. In addition, the son of celebrity Wu Wanfang, rising artist Lynus Woo (Lynus Woo) recently in Central for the opening of his first solo exhibition “Woo Chi Tong: A Tour of Color”, Li Jiaxin and her husband Xu Jinheng also attended together, the couple inseparable, which shows a good relationship.

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