Julian Cheung Celebrates Anita Yuen’s 51st Birthday Recently

(Beijing, 9 Sep) Julian Cheung and his wife, Anita Yuen, are a model couple in the circle, and their relationship is still sweet after years of marriage. Yuen celebrated her 51st birthday on the 4th of this month, and her Weibo studio recently shared a short video of Zhang Zhilin and his staff celebrating her birthday with the couple’s sweet interaction.

Yuen’s studio captioned the video, “Surrounded by flowers and love, happy birthday again!” In the film, you can see her as the birthday girl holding flowers and smiling very happily, when she saw the specially prepared birthday cake, the surprise on her face was revealed. The cake has not only their family of three stylized dolls, but also two dogs A Jin and A Xi cartoon stylized dolls, very delicate.

The two of them even embraced and kissed each other in public, and they were envious of the others! In fact, at the end of last month, Yuen also just spent her 51st birthday, the two also high-profile flash, in front of the crowd and kiss and hug, although they have been in love for 30 years, but still as sweet as ever, so many netizens message exclaimed: “ah again by the sweet”, “leave me alone I’m going to die of sweetness”, “Help! I’m going to die of sweetness” and so on.

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