Jolin Tsai recently Shared Recent updates in Instagram’s limited-time feed

There are so many frozen age goddesses in Taiwan. Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) is definitely one of them! Previously, when YouTuber Gaozhi Street visited Japanese people, the Japanese were shocked that she was 41 years old. Recently, her state seems to be better. On the 2nd, she shared the current situation in Instagram time-limited dynamic, and she looks like a girl even more than a girl.

蔡依林近況。 圖/擷自蔡依林IG

Although Jolin Tsai is a well-known diva, she travels freely with her relatives and friends in her spare time and occasionally shares private life photos with her fans. On the 2nd, she updated the news. Wearing a beige coat and light jeans, she grabbed some hair and tied two small balls on her head. Then she set up a mobile phone selfie. First, her hands were playfully open on her cheeks, and then she smiled with her face. She was as lovely as the little girls who sell cute selfies.

Recently, Jolin Tsai took over a new endorsement. She almost entered the mirror with a plain face in the advertisement of skin care products. When shooting at close range, her face exudes natural luster, especially the beauty of self-confidence. For this, she also generously shared her secret: “I like to concentrate on doing one thing.” she thought that she should not care what others think, but calm down and listen to her inner voice. “There is no time to compare, compare.” “Now” is more beautiful. ”

蔡依林近況。 圖/擷自蔡依林IG

Recent situation of Jolin Tsai. Figure/taken from Jolin Tsai IG

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