Joel Chan Celebrates His Son Jaco’s Second Birthday


Hong Kong Artist Joel Chan’s son, Timothy Chan (Jaco), is already 2 years old! The birthday party for his son was held in leopard print and many of his friends were invited to attend, even Charmaine Sheh made a surprise appearance.

陈山聪为爱子举办豹纹生日派对。Joel Chan held a leopard print birthday party for his beloved son. Jaco(右)转眼间已经2岁。Jaco (right) has turned 2 years old.

The picture shows the three members of the Joel Chan family dressed in leopard print, he left a message: “Daddy wishes you good health, grow up fast, smart, obedient, filial piety to mom. Love you forever, my son, I love you!” In addition to Charmaine Sheh, Ng Wing Wai and Chan Man Chi also attended, Charmaine even uploaded a photo of Jaco asking for a kiss, the birthday boy was disgusted, but fortunately, they ended up kissing, so Charmaine was excited and wrote: “The kiss was successful!

佘诗曼惊喜现身向小寿星索吻!Charmaine Sheh surprised the birthday boy by showing up and asking him for a kiss! 伍咏薇陈敏之也来了。Ng Wing Wai and Chan Man Chi also came.

Joel Chan married his girlfriend outside the circle in 2019, and then gave birth to a son Jaco, a happy family of three, and his own acting development is getting more and more smooth, can be described as a career and family happy.

一家三口温馨满载。The family of three is warm and full of warmth.

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