Jess Lee Confirmed the Diagnosis of COVID and blamed Herself for Dragging his sister Karfun


(Taipei, 28) in Taiwan’s development of Malaysian singer Jess Lee, earlier burst out of the wedding news, and then also announced that the new album will be launched in June, recently is busy in the pre-work will soon enter the promotion period, but unexpectedly today (28) rumors of confirmed diagnosis of COVID, so she helplessly exposed her heart: “really never thought that things would develop to this point”. And her sister Karfun, who lives with her, also stopped working to isolate.

LeeJess Lee blew up on Facebook this morning about her diagnosis.

Jess Lee blew herself up for the diagnosis on Facebook this morning. She reluctantly wrote that she woke up this morning and felt unwell: “I really never expected that things would develop to this point. The honey that I used to eat every day, was swallowed at the moment, There was an inexplicable tingling sensation, I was thinking badly, I quickly went to the screening, and sure enough, just like what you were thinking at the moment, the line that usually does not appear, appeared!”

When she fast sieve found two lines to confirm the diagnosis: “At the moment the head is very confused, immediately rushed back to the room, immediately information sister fast sieve, and then to call the agent, the heart of the worry and guilt really made me extremely helpless and sad.” Her sister Karfun, who lives with her, is negative for fast screening, but also stopped working to isolate at home.

LiJess Lee blames herself for the cancellation of her sister’s job.

As Jess Lee almost all have work this week, she was recorded on Wednesday fast screening is still negative, is this morning before the discomfort, she originally wanted to walk to Renai Hospital to do PCR, and finally was discouraged by the agent, will be “health Yi You” app for online video consultation. Her agent also responded that Jess Lee was uncomfortable with her throat this morning and had some small coughing symptoms, but no fever.

In particular, Jess Lee blamed her sister very much, because her sister was almost full of performances and activities on campus this week. Although the quick screening result was negative, she could only cancel it first because of her status as a close contact. Jess Lee said: “The worry and guilt in my heart It really left me extremely helpless and sad.”

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