Jeannie Chan Filming Micro-expressions Challenge to Show the Strength of Acting via Douyin, but netizens found that her nose has become longer


(Hong Kong 27) Recently it has become popular for artists to play micro-expressions challenges to show their acting strength, TVB Jeannie Chan also joined the ranks, has always had beautiful features, sweet appearance and hot body, she has always had many fans. She challenged “from deep love to full of disgust” eye skills, how do you know that the netizens are skewed, that her nose “bizarre” longer, accidentally set off the discussion.

InternetInternet users feel that Jeannie Chan’s nose has become strangely long.

Jeannie Chan followed the trend of playing with the micro-expressions challenge, she demonstrated “from deep love to full of disgust” eye skills, how did you know that instead of acting skills were discussed, it was her nose that was in trouble?

Some netizens found that Jeannie Chan’s nose in the film has become surprisingly long, the base of the nose has become high, and even the nose seems to have narrowed, leaving comments asking the goddess: “What happened to the nose? The message asked the goddess: “What’s wrong with the nose?” and “The nose feels a little off.”

The recent Jeannie Chan was the director Ye Nian-shen, will soon take up similar to the Korean drama “Penthouse” of the new TVB drama “Beautiful Battlefield”, will play the role of “A Bao”.

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