Jay Chou Plan to Release a New Album in July 15, the New Album Song List is Out


(Taipei, 25) Jay Chou plans to launch a new album on July 15 after a six-year hiatus, so many music fans are so excited, recently a netizen preemptively revealed Jay Chou’s new album tracks, surprised to see one of the songs “Feng Yu Zhong/风雨中” has the lyrics of MayDay Ashin, composed by Jay Chou, Ashin as arrangements, “Friday” together again! Many fans rioted, and the agency finally responded.

AfterAfter Jay announced the release of his new album on 715, many fans are eagerly awaiting it.

Jay Chou announced the imminent launch of a new album, recently released in the YouTube channel “Jay Chou 2022 album pre-creation documentary in Paris” has accumulated more than 1.35 million views, recently circulated online a suspected superstore album pre-order list, accidentally let Zhou Dong’s new album name “the greatest work”, 12 new song titles, etc. all The new album title “The Greatest Hits” and 12 new song titles were leaked early.

TheThe song list of Jay Chou’s new album is rumored on the internet.

According to the information circulated on the Internet, in 12 songs, one of them is “Mojito” released in 2020, the rest are brand new songs. There is also a new song “Game On/游戏进行“, is Jay Chou and his son Romeo titular co-composer, before Zhou Dong had posted in IG Romeo in the drawing of the notes of the film, quite a father’s style, but also let Zhou Dong quite proud. Other songs include “Cross World Works/跨世作“, “Round Dance/圆舞曲“, “Quiet Away/安静走开“, “Liuyin Ghaniye/留声加尼叶“, etc. Most of the new songs are still by Jay Chou and his friend Vincent Fang again.

WillWill Jay and Ashin be together? Everything is pending on July 15!

For the cooperation with Mayday again, Jay’s company said: “About Jay’s latest album, the network message a lot, but please take the company’s official announcement shall prevail, please wait patiently.”

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