Jang Nara will Hold a Wedding in the Evening of June 26, the Wedding invitation revealed

(Seoul 26) The 41-year-old South Korean actress Jang Nara, who is known as the “strongest child beauty”, announced her marriage earlier this month, but also stressed that the man is outside the circle, so it is impossible to speak in too much detail. The two will be held in the evening of this (26) wedding, wedding invitations are also exposed, and Jang Nara to the identity of her husband confidential to the home, wrote 5 requirements, to protect the husband outside the circle not exposed.

In fact, after the announcement of her wedding, her husband was soon revealed to be the photographer of the same drama “VIP: Their Secret/브이아이피“, who had also shown his face in the group photo of the crew in the past. However, she was very angry after seeing the news: “Because my husband is not a public figure, I am somewhat worried about whether he will be inconvenienced at work because of me, so I am sorry for not being able to tell you in detail.”

The wedding of Jang Nara will be held this evening (26), but only friends and relatives are invited to attend, the Korean media has exposed her wedding invitation, only to see the top written the couple’s English pinyin name, the following is written in Korean: “married”, the center is hand-painted way to draw a man and woman holding hands, simple and elegant style in line with her always The simple and elegant style is in line with her usual low-key style.

In addition, at the bottom of the wedding invitation, Jang Nara also specially wrote 5 major requirements for participating in the wedding, “the invitation letter will be confirmed when entering the venue”, “the date and time of the wedding cannot be disclosed”, “the venue of the wedding cannot be disclosed”, “the identity of the groom cannot be disclosed”, “Do not publish photos and videos related to the wedding”, which shows that she is very protective of her husband.

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