Is There a Sequel to “Hanzawa Naoki”? Director: I hope to Film him as President

《半澤直樹》導演透露想繼續拍續集。 圖/擷自。

Last year, the divine drama sequel “Hanzawa Naoki 2(半泽直树2)”, starring Masato Sakai (さかいまさと), sat firmly in the highest rated film series in 2020. Yesterday (27th), the drama won the Excellence Award in the “International Drama Festival in TOKYO 2021″. When director Katsuo Fukuzawa (ふくざわ かつお) came to the stage to receive the award, he said he hoped to continue filming the sequel.

Yesterday, when the director Katsuo Fukuzawa won the award, he revealed that he intended to continue shooting Hanzawa Naoki, “I want to make Hanzawa Naoki president all the time.”. He said that although the original book has not been written so far, he hopes to continue shooting the sequel of Hanzawa Naoki if he can.

It is reported that Jun Ikeido (いけいど じゅん)’s original novel “Hanzawa Naoki” has been published in five volumes, and Hanzawa Naoki 2 has been photographed in the content of the original volume 4. The original volume 5 《哈勒昆與小丑》 is a prequel. Therefore, the TV series has actually caught up with the original progress.

As soon as the news came out, many fans were very excited, “super expectation”, “hahaha, I also want to see him as president”, “I can wait!!!” and “it’s fun to fall after becoming president”; However, there are still some fans who are worried about their opposition, “although they look forward to it, they are afraid of a bad ending”, “the freshness of the second film has been greatly reduced after too long, just enough”, “although they like this series very much, uncle Yaren is no longer a young man, so don’t bother…”

《半澤直樹》導演透露想繼續拍續集。 圖/擷自。

“Hanzawa Naoki” The director revealed that he wanted to continue making a sequel. Figure/taken from

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