Hsie He-hsian Left a Message Mocking Jam Hsiao, Their Relationship is Not Good All the Time


Jam Hsiao (蕭敬騰) recently shared a dog play film, which was sour by Hsie He-hsian (谢和弦). Netizens found that the two had actually interacted in the past and had a good relationship, but now their friendship has changed. Netizens found that Hsie He-hsian was accused of taking drugs by his ex-wife Keanna in 2019. Jam Hsiao agreed with Keanna when asked about relevant topics at that time, He thought Hsie He-hsian wanted to thank Keanna, and just a few days after Jam Hsiao responded, Hsie He-hsian wrote, “you and Jam Hsiao love to cry like a woman!” which made people speculate that it was a knot planted at that time

On the 13th, Hsie He-hsian left a message under Jam Hsiao’s dog film “see how good you are in front of RMB, ha men.” on the 14th, he left a message under Jam Hsiao’s post promoting the new song “Peter Pan”.


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