GU Yaowei cover “PingPong” accidentally Got Kim Hyun-a’s Like

KU (古曜威) has just released a new single “all the way forward”. During the publicity period, he specially learned to dance with the dance teacher the South Korean goddess Kim Hyun-a’s new song “PingPong”. Unexpectedly, the film caught Yu Ya’s own praise, which made Gu Yaowei excited and sleepless all night

KU made great progress in dance. It took more than 30 minutes to memorize the 15 second dance movement three years ago, but now the whole song is about an hour. Gu Yaowei said, “because he appreciates Ya very much, when he hears pingpong, he immediately communicates with the dance teacher and takes time to learn the dance music.” what’s more surprising is that KU uploaded the dance film to his personal lnstagram. Unexpectedly, she watched the dance film and praised Gu Yaowei

He, a successful Star chaser, was happy to share this joy with you dynamically within a limited time. At the same time, he shared with fans, “no matter what your dream is, as long as you work hard, the process may be hard, but this step-by-step growth will make our steps stand more stable, and I believe the final fruit will be sweet.”

KU learned to dance elegantly, and accidentally caught elegantly. Figure/simply dream of cultural and creative undertakings to provide

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